....Cameron Scott Salt.... (0fallenstars0) wrote in stupid_tattoos,
....Cameron Scott Salt....

1) On my left shoulder I have a tattoo for my sister. There are 19 blue stars in a circle with her name in the middle. The day she was born and died are in some of the top and bottom stars.

2) On my right shoulder I have a tattoo for my grandpa. It's written in latin with old english text. It translates to "Grandpa Ted you will be eternally be loved and remembered."

3) On my back I have my family crest. It's not done yet just the line work. I go and get it finished July 14th at 6 pm. It's pretty extensive so I'll try to get a picture of it soon.

4) On my wrist I have a nice hollow star with shaded borders. I plan to put something in the middle but I'm not quite sure.
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